My Fall Bucket List

Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year. I cannot even explain how much I miss fall in New England. It is such a magical time of year where life starts to slow down after the craziness of the summer, & before the busyness of the holiday season sneaks up on you. In the past years, working in retail, October meant the craziness was upon us. Even though malls aren’t crazy yet, preparation for the biggest money making season was here.

For me in retail, my social life kind of took a back seat from October to January, so now that it is my first year out of retail management… I am celebrating. There are so many things on my list of Favorite Fall Activities that I had to narrow it down to just 7. (Well 5 just wasn’t enough.)

Decorate with real pumpkins


Even if it is just at the grocery store, picking up real pumpkins add the perfect amount of festivity into any home or office. I even have a little gourd on my desk at work.

Take a drive to see the foliage

Depending where you live, this may be a little harder but nothing screams fall more to me than seeing trees full of gold, orange, & red leaves. When I lived in New England all I needed to do was step outside of my door & I had a plethora of colored leaves at my fingertips. Now I try to take a trip to the Central Coast every fall to experience as much foliage as I can in California.

Wear seasonally appropriate clothes, even if it doesn’t match the weather

Everyone has their own style & mine, all year round, is neutrals, denim, light weight outwear pieces with a little pop of burgundy or army green. I live in fall 4 seasons of the year. Do it! Wear boots, wear sweaters, wear capes… wear it all!

Take a train ride


A few years ago my friends & I took a steam train ride to a pumpkin patch & it was such a good time. Just north of LA is a small town called Fillmore where for $22 for adults you can take a train ride to a little harvest festival at the end of the train line. There are pumpkins for sale, a little haunted house, a place for pictures & a little corn maze. It is still one of my favorite fall memories.

Go apple picking


Apple picking is a fall staple when you grow up in Connecticut. There are apple orchards all over the state, but I haven’t been apple picking in probably 7 years. This year we went. Lucky for me, Chris enjoyed it just as much as I did… if not more. He was trying to get only the most perfect apples. More on the apple orchard later but Oak Glen is the cutest little town in the San Bernardino Mountains; you should stop by if you’re in Southern California. I had no idea it was so cute and quaint.

Make a pie… any flavor pie

And what do you do after you go apple picking… make a pie obviously. What else are you going to do with the ungodly amount of apples you just picked? This week I am planning on making my first pie from scratch. I am going to try to make the crust from scratch but let’s be honest, I have a store bought crust in the freezer right now.

Go to a haunted house

This is not one of my favorites, but this year Chris talked me into going to Universal’s Halloween Horror Night & it was so much fun. The anxiety beforehand nearly killed me, but once I figured out what keeps the actors away I was all in… PS. Don’t act scared. If you look at them unamused they’ll go away. It’s great.






Making an Apartment a Home with New Living Room Decor


Happy Monday everyone. Did everyone have an absolutely fabulous weekend?! We were kind of all over the place but Sunday we got to setting down & clean up shop to get ready for a crazy busy week. Bu today, we are talking about something that I couldn’t be more excited about: our new living room decor.

A couch was the last thing that we were really needing after we moved in the spring. We were still hanging onto my first couch I got from IKEA when I moved to LA 6 years ago. Not cute. After years of wear & tear, it got to the point that I actually hated sitting on it & would spend a lot of the time sitting on the floor.

We’ve had our eyes peeled but with saving for a wedding we decided we would hold off until February when the new furniture designs are usually placed in stores. Then Chris stumbled upon this set at a great price & we decided all of our planning was going to go out the window & we were going to buy it right then & there. (By the way…. I was pretty much jumping for joy in the store that we were finally getting a new couch!!)

I felt like our living room finally made sense. I tied in the gold throughout the room with these decorative accent balls to add a pop of color on our burlap runner & this ornamental lamp we picked up from Target. I painted the pot to place our Jade plant in so that it matched the monogrammed burlap letters on the wall across the room. Add these plush pillows, blankets, & a little life with our flowers & there you have it. Our new living room.

This table was an amazing gift Chris made for me for Valentine’s Day this year. By putting together these six unfinished apple boxes from Home Depot or Lowes, he was able to make a little space between all of the boxes. Sometimes we leave the box empty & it makes for a great place to store remotes. But right now we have some little fall decorations to make our room a little more festive. We go back & forth with deciding if we want to paint the table or leave it as is. What do you think?







How I Asked my Bridal Party

When Chris asked me to marry him this past spring people started me asking me all sorts of questions. They wanted to know what colors we were going to have, when was the wedding, did we have a theme? There was literally so many questions, from so many people, & I had no answers for anyone. Honestly the only thing I did know, what who I wanted to stand next to me on my big day.

I am lucky enough to have a group of girlfriends that I have been friends with since we were kids. As we get older & get our own lives, we have grown closer & our friendships have gotten stronger. Our relationships have changed a lot since we were 14, they’ve even changed a lot since we were 23, but these girls are a part of me in such a big way, I couldn’t imagine them not standing next to me.

I grew up with my sister & cousin being two of my closest friends, so when I moved to California & Chris’s younger sisters & I hit it off right away, I was so happy. I knew I needed to do something special to ask these ladies to be a part of our wedding.

A friend of ours makes amazing jewelry. (You may have seen some of her work on my Instagram here, here, & here.) So when I remembered that she has an amazing knot ring, The Jessica, I thought it would be the perfect gift to ask the girls to help me tie the knot… get it… tie the knot…


And in the theme of our wine wedding (yes, we have a theme I guess) my mom found these adorable novelty wine glasses for each of the bridesmaids.

Since my sister was out here last month, I took advantage of our time together to ask her to be my maid of honor, & a week later, I asked Chris’s sisters to be bridesmaids. I knew I wanted to ask our sisters before anyone else but I had no idea how I was going to ask my cousin & girlfriend’s from back home to be in my wedding.

Being that my mom has always had a very close relationship with my friends, she invited them over to her house last week for a Sunday dinner where her & my maid of honor had the gifts all prepared for everyone. It was great because even though I wasn’t able to be there, they were all able to be together & my mom had a huge part in being the one to ask each of them for me.

Asking your girls to be part of your big day is a huge task for a bride because you are asking them a huge favor. I wanted my gifts to not only show part of me, but also be something that would be special to each & every one of them also. These rings were the perfect gift for my bridesmaids & Annie did such an amazing job on them. I am so thankful.




September Round Up

Back when I first started this blog I used to do monthly updates every month. As a way to get a little closer to my readers & push myself to be more transparent I am going to start again.

I cannot believe it’s almost October. Does anyone else feel like they sneezed & 2016 flew by without a warning? I feel like I have gone non stop since April when we got engaged, & let me tell you September was no different.

We celebrated Labor Day with a nice little back yard Bar-B-Q with our friends up in LA. Then we weren’t even back in Orange County for a week & my mom, sister, & my sister’s boyfriend came to visit us here in California. Mom was here for 10 days & when I say we got things done for the wedding, we got a ton of stuff done. As most of you know Chris & I went venue shopping last month & we were able to narrow it down to two locations that we were interested in.

So while my family was in town, we brought both of our families down to Temecula to show our parents what we’ve found. I am pretty sure the outcome was unanimous. Once contracts are signed I will share the exciting news & all of the reasons we think this is the perfect place for our big day.

The day my mom left we went to the Honda Center in Anaheim to see one of the best performers I have ever had the honor of seeing play: Garth Brooks. Back in June we brought Chris’s dad to Garth in Vegas & we were all super excited because Garth is such a legend in the country music world. So when he announced in August that just a month later he would be in Anaheim for the first time in 20 years… we jumped on the chance to see him again. And it was just as good as the first time!!

We ended our month with a night at Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights last Friday & then Saturday night at Luke Bryan. And then we spent last Sunday literally in our pajamas, in front of the TV, watching football & I was catching up on Housewives. It was probably the first day since April that we actually got to sit down, not worry about anything & do nothing. We had laundry to do, projects to catch up on, & work to do but we put it all aside to do NOTHING. It was great.

October doesn’t have too many things listed on the calendar except a lot of work, which I am super thankful for. I am looking forward to my favorite time of year. It may be the New Englander in me but there is no better time of year than fall. Bring on the pumpkins, red & gold leaves, & crisp weather.








Favorite Fall Trends

This is the first fall that I am not working in retail & let me tell you… it is amazing. But something that I definitely miss is seeing all of the new trends come in. My favorite part of my job was styling the mannequins, creating the window displays, & making the store look absolutely amazing. This fall I am keeping up with the new trends like normal people: Instagram, blogs, & Snapchat.


So since I am not seeing the clothes as they come into the stores, I put together some of my favorite fall trends. Right now I am obsessing over booties, off the shoulder & cold shoulder tops, & gold layering necklaces. Here are some of my favorites.


These booties are my absolutely favorites. I got them for a steal at DSW for a wedding last month & now they are weekly staple into my work wardrobe. Peep toe booties add so much comfort while still dressing up just a little bit. (See here, here, and here) This cold shoulder top I actually got at the beginning of the summer, & I’d be lying if I said I didn’t wear it a little too much when I got it. I was obsessed. I’ve seen some cold-shoulder tops done really wrong, but this one checks all of the boxes. It has more than just a spaghetti strap holding it up, it has the perfect amount of sleeve to make the sleeve look purposeful, & the cut out is the right amount where the top doesn’t look like it is falling off of my shoulder all day. Bravo Express, Bravo! This one here though, someone invite me somewhere ASAP so I have an excuse to push the Purchase button!

And this necklace, well who doesn’t love a double chain & some great statement pieces. My mom went back to World Market to get one for herself after picking this cutie up for my sister & I. I love the color of teal because it’s just enough where it can go with everything without being over bearing. And who doesn’t love a gold leaf?


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